Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Autumn Fest

For a little Fall fun, we met up with the Curtis Family one Saturday and went to Autumn Fest in Bridgewater. This was the first year we went, and it was great!  They have a ton of food from local restaurants (including our favorite, The Chatta Box), and a lot of activities for the kids.  We decided to eat first, since hungry kids are grouchy kids.  The kids ate yummy pizza from Cape Cod Cafe, while Mommy had Thai food from the Chatta Box.  After lunch, we visited the reptile display.  Joe's Crazzy Critters was the name of the company, and they had a bunch of reptiles that everyone was very fascinated with.  They had the biggest bullfrog I'd ever seen, and a very large tarantula.  The biggest attraction was the snake, and we caught them just as they were taking the snake out of the enclosure.  Connor was able to touch all three reptiles and thought it was pretty cool.  It was too crowded to take Maeve out of her stroller, so she didn't get to touch anything.  I'm sure the reptiles are thankful for that!

After the reptiles, we played some lawn games, and then went to see all the rescue vehicles.  They were open so the kids could explore inside, and our crew seemed to like it.  Maeve liked it so much that when it was time to leave, she threw herself under the ambulance in protest.

There were many business that had tents set up, and many of them had activities for the kids.  They spent some time being creative and taking a break from the bright sun.  It was a very fun day!  

We took every advantage of the beautiful Fall weather this year.  We were very spoiled with the good weather, and were happy to be outside enjoying the fresh air!  We'll be sad to see Autumn end. 

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